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Faro History



Wichita Faro
Actually play Faro right now on the internet. 
For years the founder of Wichita Faro, Sean Gleeson, has provided the fun and exciting game of Faro on his Web Site.  It is unbelievable that something done so well and with such style is ...FREE...
Give it a try...I dare you to Buck the Wichita Tiger.

LINK to the Wichita Faro Site


The Dodge City Peace Commission
In this photograph are most of the primary partners in the Faro syndicate of old.  These famous men all gathered around the cowtown of Dodge City in it's heyday... and were members of the political party called "The Saloon Ticket".  Gambling, drinking, girls and fun were the backbone of their society.  They were also friends of Luke Short and gathered for this photograph in 1883, when they came to his aid in what was called The Dodge City War. Standing from left to right are BILL HARRIS (co-owner and originator of the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, Dodge City mayoral candidate, Tombstone Oriental Saloon partner) LUKE SHORT (The best and most famous Faro dealer of all time, co-owner of the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City and the White Elephant Saloon in Fort Worth Texas) BAT MASTERSON (Lawman, Faro dealer).  Also noted are seated from left to right, Charlie Bassett (Lawman) and Wyatt Earp (Lawman, Faro dealer, western legend).  Find out more about these men at the Luke Short Link.

Link to Luke Short Web Site


Bob Wood alias Luke Short
Renouned Faro dealer from the mid west, gunfighter and expert historian on the life and times of Luke Short. 
Bob has created the Luke Short web site which is a passion also shared by Phil Gessert.  Together Phil and Bob are determined to piece together the life of Luke Short and bring his exciting story to the screen in an epic motion picture entitled Faro.  To learn more about Luke Short and his era please visit Bob's site.



Soapy Smith
Gambler,confidence man, scoundrel. 
Leader of the sporting underworld in Denver Colorado (1884-95), and the King of Skagway Alaska during the gold rush of (1896-98). 
Known for dealing Faro, Three Card Monte, the Shell Game... and selling packages of Soap in which some special packages had one hundred dollar bills wrapped inside.  The lucky winners were ALWAYS Soapy's shills.  No one ever won accidentally.  However the customers always did get a quality bar of soap.  
His establishments were also reknown...especially the Tivoli Club Saloon in Denver. 
Perhaps the greatest scam artist of the 19th century Jeff (Soapy) Smith's last words on that dark night of 1898 were "My God, Don't Shoot!" unfortunatley those words were not heeded. 

Link to the Web Site of Soapy Smith


Jeff Smith  Great grandson of Jefferson (Soapy) Smith.  Notable western celebrity in his own right. The Soapy Smith web site is run by Jeff Smith of the Soapy Smith Preservation Trust.  
Pictured above from left to right is Wyatt, Virgil, Doc  and Jeff Smith. 
Photographs to the right are the actual Roulette and Faro table of Soapy himself. 
Please visit the Soapy Smith web site... one of the most entertaining western history web sites on the internet.

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