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Fellow Faro Dealers

The Faro Manufacturing sydicate of the modern age. 


From left to right... Phillip Gessert of Pharo Bank, Shay Maxwell of Parnell Playing Cards and Don van Staaten of Indian Head Manufacturing.  Standing together in the Gessert's private saloon in the town of Benson Arizona.  At that time the three famous dealers were working together running the Faro games for the Oriental Saloon of Tombstone.

Parnell... The original dealer of Faro Equipment
For over twenty years, the leader of the industry.


Shay Maxwell is the founder of the modern Faro movement in America.  His Parnell Playing cards are famous throughout the world and are the highest quality cards sold today.  The exceptional workmanship in his Faro equipment makes them the very top of the line.  Visit parcards.com to find out more.





THE FARO KING    Evil Swede
Anyone who has searched the internet for information on the game of Faro, knows the web sites of Evil Swede.  He has been the voice of Faro for many years bringing us the history of the game, the rules of play and the many fine Faro products he has chosen to represent.  He is a reknown Faro Dealer and Shootist with SASS groups.  He represents the Parnell line of playing cards and Faro products as well as quality poker chips.  Evil Swede is truley the friend of the Faro Dealer. 
The Faro King is now an authorized dealer of Pharo Bank products and we are proud to be in an association with him.  His outstanding experience and sales expertise are sure to be an important part of out syndicate of Faro enthusiasts.  Please follow this link to learn more about THE FARO KING.

Link to the web site of The Faro King

Indian Head Manufacturing



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