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Pharo Bank the Game


NEW YEARS EVE 06...The White Horse Saloon


Bisbee Arizona ... 1890

A Board Game for Adult Fun and Enjoyment. 
If you like to party with friends and play poker and Texas Hold em ....  You'll love PHARO BANK.


In the Old West the sign that a Faro game was in play, was an actual sign that said Pharo Bank.  This was meant to represent that someone with money was banking a game of Faro.
TODAY... Pharo Bank is a game of Faro in a box, meant to be played by groups of adults who love the gambling adventure, without the gamble.
Games take two weeks to process upon order.
GAME PRICE .....  $65.00
Shipping to most place in the US .....  $12.00


The Tools of Pharo
Included in the 16"cardboard box is:
1- The Pharo layout board.  Is a Faro layout silk screened to felt and glued to the board.  There are limited editions in tan, burgundy and gray felts.
The felts are glued to a hard board piece of panneling with a wood finish on the back.  The layouts fold in two places hinged and boardered by black cloth gaffers tape and edged with gaffers tape. They measure 35" by 15" when folded out. 
2 - A deck of the best Faro cards on the market produced by the PARNELL CARD COMPANY.
3 - Four pages of a Pharo Case - Keeper or Cue Card.  Printed on hard stock paper double sided with four games per side.
4 - Several pages of Pharo Bankers Scorecards to keep the bank on the games.
5 - An 8 x 10 multiple page instruction booklet which explains this new updated game of Pharo Bank as well as a direct copy of the Rules of Faro printed in a 1880 Hoyle Rule Book.  There is also a brief history of Faro and some of the players who played the game.
6 - The only thing not included in the box that a person needs to play the game are playing chips. 
Like all of the PH. Gessert & Company products, this game is individually hand made and therefore may have imperfections not found in a Parker Brothers game.  However we are proud of the product and because of it's price we hope it will encourage prople not that familiar with the game of Faro, to purchase it and learn what once was the most popular gambling game in America.

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Please contact us at   phgessert@pharobank.com  for more information.