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Phillip Gessert
Being a Faro Dealer and Manufacturer of Old West Gambling Equipment, is only a portion of the life of Phil Gessert. 
He has been a working cowboy since his youth and currently owns an 80 acre horse ranch just north of Los Angeles.  He and his wife Jo, have 15 horses including an own son of the very famous cow horse Peppy San Badger and a young Peppy San Badger grandson in training with reknown Reiner Cory Cushing. (Pictured Below)  To learn more about the Gessert Ranch in California use the link below to the Running G Ranch.
Phil is also a part owner of his family ranch in Benson Arizona just north of Tombstone.  The Gesserts have been southern Arizona ranchers for over 35 years.
As an occupation Phil Gessert has worked in the film industry for 30 years.  He has worked on thousands of commercials, music videos, films and television shows.  He is currently at Bumin-Murray Productions famous for the very sucessfull reality shows The Real World and The Challenge.   


Look for J.D. Yates on our horse Piston in the 2008 World Quarter Horse Championship in Oklahoma City this November. 

LINK to the web site of the RUNNING G RANCH

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Please contact us at   phgessert@pharobank.com  for more information.