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Western Antiques

Vintage and Antique Old West items, and some new stuff.


Roulette Table featured in the TV show GUNSMOKE

Our antique roulette wheels and tables have become a part of our event business and are currently not for sale.  The wheels we currently have ar...  Above far left... A 22" victorian wheel of unknown origin.  This wheel has no numbers, just colors and four crowns. It is likely from 19th century France.  Above middle... A 32" Kernan Manufacturing Company wheel dated around the turn of the 20th century.  Far right... A 31" B.C. Wills wheel from the roaring 20s.  Email or call for more information, pricing and table options.


Pharo Dealers Box SOLD
Original antique german nickle silver dealers box.  Made in Chicago by H.C. Evans & Company.  The catalog in the photograph is a re-print of an H.C. Evans 1918 brosure, and goes with the box.  Order price.... $550.00


Available now are several different size antique rotating dice cages for the game Chuck-a-Luck.  Prices will go from $10.00 to $150.00. Shown above are three versions of a Chuck-a-Luck layout.  Bottom left is a photograph of a Chuck-a-Luck layout hanging on a wall in Deadwood.  This wonderful antique will stay on that wall in Deadwood however, for sale are the replicas pictured above.  The top left layout is all hand painted; $195.00.  The far right layout has the numbers and logo  printed on card stock photographic paper and glued to the felt.  $95.00.  Both are fixed to a 3/4 inch board stained and trimmed.  Email or call for information on the availablity.


Original Case Keeper
Manufactured by the Arthur Popper company out of New York City.  This original Cue Box played in the casinos of New York around the turn of the century.  It is in excellent condition with just enough nicks and scratches to show it's experience at counting the cards in the game of Faro.  Offered for sale at  $1,200.00


"Care to try your luck at my Faro table?"