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Pharo gear

Products for the Pharo Dealer 



Pharo Board
Pharo playing boards are now available with silk screened cards on the felt.  Stained Wood base and frames make for a complete antique style Faro layout board.  The price runs from $75.00 to $250.00.


A luxury for most dealers, but a fun addition to your Faro layout.  The shape can be changed for those dealers who like to use two discard piles.  Price...... $35.00


Faro Table
This Pharo table is 3 feet by 5 feet, a bit smaller than regulation.  It breaks down and can be put back together in minutes, with 5 hand turn nuts on either end.  The top is leather fabric over a quarter inch rubber matt.  Special order price vary from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00.


Check Rack
The Check Rack chip holder comes in a variety of sizes.  The one pictured above holds 340 clay chips.  Racks can hold up to 2000 chips.
The small Check Rack pictured price is .... $145.00


These coppers were molded from original antique coppers.  These are made of a fake ivory type material, however they look and play just like the real thing. 


Pharo Copper
To reverse your bet, the Faro player would place a penny on the top of his stack of chips.  This became known as coppering a bet.  This original design places an authentic 19th century indian head penny at the focal point of a hand cut piece of solid red oak with a rough cut ring of copper surrounding it.  The item is weighted at the bottom with green felt on the base.  Currenty we are not making these coppers however special orders may be taken.


Pharo Case Keeper Card
Printed on both sides of the card stock paper, these cards can score eight rounds of Faro play per page.  Special order price.... 10 pages for $15.00


Cabinet Card Drawing
This drawing represents an afternoon in Tombstone Arizona sometime in the spring of 1881.  Wyatt Earp and his brothers have gathered their team of players in an enterprize at the Oriental and Crystal Palace Saloons.  The business is Pharo.  Here Luke Short deals to Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp and Morgan Earp.  Wyatt runs the casekeeper and Bat Masterson sits in the lookout seat.  Virgil Earp and Bill Harris watch from behind.   Cabinet card version price.... $9.95

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