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Case Keepers


Case Keeper product line as of October 2008. 
Each case keeper is handcrafted and unique.  The following variety of Case Keepers have already been sold, however they represent the different possibilities in their production. These individually hand made products promise the rustic  character of the old west.
Depending on the kind of product you prefer the prices will vary from $55.00 to $300.00.


Red Oak with antique painted wooden beads.  


The Deadwood
Dark Pine stained red oak with new beads.
Oak stained red oak with new beads. 


The Speakeasy
Painted Pine with plastic beads.  This modern version comes in any color, is smaller and does not hinge.  Notice the cards have subliminal numbers behind the spades for easy reading.  


The Dodge City
Dark rosewood stain with glossy varnish finish.  Hand painted wood beads.


The Fort Worth
Cherry wood with a light cherry stain.  Antique counterbeads hand painted red and white.  Brass posts and new antiqued hinges.  

Delivery of models depend on availability of the type of beads requested.  New wood and plastic beads have little to no wait time.  Normal delivery within three weeks.


Please contact us at   phgessert@pharobank.com  for more information.