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This website is produced to enhance the purchase of a Pharo Bank product made by PH. Gessert & Co. General Merchandise manufacturers.  At this time we are only doing commerce on ebay however, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Here are three Case Keepers already sold.  Each item is individually hand made bringing it a unique character in itself.  We are a brand new start up company, still learning. Please look for many more products and designs as time goes on.


An example of four case keepers.  Three from the 1800s and one of our models.  We do not attempt to make replicas, we attempt to be original keeping the flavor of the history.  One of these old case counters would sell back then for around $12.00.  Today the originals will bring $2,600. 


Please contact us at   phgessert@pharobank.com  for more information.